What is a Chewer ?

What about the ideas that come to mind ? They are chewed by our neurons, bitten by our mind, crush against our cranium and finally spit by our brain. 
Instead of ending up abandoned on the ground, to rot among the others, I put the one that sticks to my sneakers here. It’s my chewer…

Men’s feelings

$ free – Men’s tears are salty. Feelings rarely assumed. Constantly fleeing from their emotions, how far do they go before they realize they have the right to turn back?

Not your property

$ free – The woman-object is only a mental construction of the man. Like the robots to whom he gives life, he gives himself a right of control over these actions. But one day, robot and woman will be free.

It’s okay honey

$ free – Two women should have the right to love each other and be able to walk down the street. They should be able to do so without a group of monsters coming up to them and discrediting their relationship.

Holographic rape

$ free – Violence does not always take a visible form. Blood and marks are never obligatory. Screams are not always heard. But rape does exist next door.

You’re toxic

$ free – Leave the people who make fun of you all day long, leave all those toxic people who ruin your life.

Stop harassing me

$ free – What kind of a fossil does it take to abuse some people? These dinosaurs should be extinct because they are no longer adapted to our society.

Marry until death

$ free – I hope to break up in the event of a catastrophic marriage rather than lead one of us to death.

Don’t whistle at us

$ free – What do people really expect when they call out to you in the worst way on the street? Stop before you’re stopped.

That’s my baby

$ free – Perhaps we should take and listen carefully to children’s views on parenting.

Cake is ready

$ free – Learn how to do it instead of complaining once again about your wife’s cooking. Or your mother’s.

My Dog !

$ free – Never leave the supervision of your dog to just anyone, especially if that person is hungry.

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