What is a Chewer ?

What about the ideas that come to mind ? They are chewed by our neurons, bitten by our mind, crush against our cranium and finally spit by our brain. 
Instead of ending up abandoned on the ground, to rot among the others, I put the one that sticks to my sneakers here. It’s my chewer…

Bye Bye Dysphoria

$ free – A day will come when we will be able to say goodbye to this unhappiness, a day will come when we will be able to run away and erase the social image that is not ours.

My gender is not a dirty secret

$ free – To assume to be non-binary is to die and be reborn twice. I forget to be a man and learn to be a woman and finally find myself in the middle of both and no longer want to choose where to go.

Witch please

$ free – We’re descendants of the witches you didn’t burn. The sorority isn’t about to sinking.

God working

$ free – What a sight this beautiful blue earth spins. Wonder who it’s spinning for? I don’t know who’s up there, but considering what we’re doing down here, she must be having a lot of fun…

Get blown off

$ free – Haven’t you ever dreamed of making someone disappear from reality despite the fact that you politely rejected them?

Bad people invasion

$ free – There are so many words for insulting someone, but what is more worrying is that there are many more people to use them wrongly. And that’s the strongest weapon a monster can have to hurt someone.

Toy dog spotted

$ free – They’re small, white, surly. They make a lot of noise, complaining and so on. But deep down, there’s nothing more harmless than a bichon.

Are clothes always blameworthy?

$ free – Who are we to dictate other people’s outfits? What the victim is wearing is not the cause of all these problems. The ones that fight to make you a victim are the problems…

Strike your heart

$ free – Love life is a long game of bowling, we spend our time reversing each other’s feelings, hoping that our lover’s heart will come back into our hands.

Prince charming

$ free – No means no. Yes can become no. Sleeping doesn’t mean you accept it. Sleeping means we’re sleeping. There is no romantic kiss when we don’t know each other.

Men’s feelings

$ free – Men’s tears are salty. Feelings rarely assumed. Constantly fleeing from their emotions, how far do they go before they realize they have the right to turn back?

Not your property

$ free – The woman-object is only a mental construction of the man. Like the robots to whom he gives life, he gives himself a right of control over these actions. But one day, robot and woman will be free.

It’s okay honey

$ free – Two women should have the right to love each other and be able to walk down the street. They should be able to do so without a group of monsters coming up to them and discrediting their relationship.

Chargement en cours…

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